When Bingo Meets Education

Any teacher would want to make learning fun and interesting. They are always in the look out to creating educational activities that they can use in the classroom. One popular educational activity that is used by a lot of teachers is bingo. Yes, that's right. Bingo is used in classroom activities for the reason that the game is very easy and it is adaptable to any kind of subject, lesson and age of the students. In fact, this game is ideal to any kind of educational level.

When the game is incorporated in the classroom activity, the style of the cards are improvised. This means that the items found in the cards would change depending on the subject matter. Like for example, when the subject is all about reading comprehension, instead numbers, the teacher uses letter or words to jive with the subject. In a geography class, the numbers become a name of a city, country, river or mountain. In can also be used in a biology class where the teacher replaces the number with a nae of animals or plants.

The variations of the game are endless. But it is more of a particular favorite for math teachers. In mathematics bingo, the game is played by using mathematical questions or formulas where the students look for the answer on the card. When the teacher gives a mathematical problem, they have to solve it and tick off the answer on the card. The game is a popular tool to encourage the practice of arithmetic, most especially in multiplication. Another variation of math bingo is the use of decimals or fraction where the students are required to convert certain representations of a given number. Say for example, a teacher call out "a half", the students must then mark the number on their cards. The cards used in this game variation is contains fraction numbers.

Long ago, it is quite impossible to have customized bingo cards that would meet your requirements. Today, anyone can make customized cards using a card creator software. It is fun and easy experimenting the presentation of bingo cards. You have the freedom to incorporate the items that you need depending on the variation of the game. It is recommended to create your own customized bingo cards rather than purchasing a pre-made customized cards as they may not appear exactly how you want them to be most especially when you are using it as an educational tool.

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