Lessons from Playing Bingo

Do you think bingo is a simple number calling game, wherein you have to mark the numbers in your bingo card once they are called? Why do you think bingo still exists today?

Perhaps, one can say that bingo exists because of the prizes one can bring home after marking the numbers that forms the required pattern. Maybe, another person will argue that it is more than the money or the rewards. Bingo is an easy way to win money and at the same time win new friends too! We cannot remember when and how bingo started. All we know is that when people needed to raise funds for their activities bingo always enter their minds, isn't it?

What do we get from playing bingo? Actually there are two things. First, we get to know what bingo is. The game is really a random calling game. Before one could actually play bingo, that person should have first an authenticated bingo card or ticket. These bingo cards or tickets are sold or given by the organizers themselves so that means the prizes could vary from one bingo event to another. Okay, we are now ready to sit down and mark those numbers. However, it is interesting to note how the bingo card or ticket looks like.

What do you see in your bingo card? Does the letters B-I-N-G-O appears on your card? Do you see a matrix or a table with numbers on it?

Normally a bingo card has the name "bingo" as its header. Below each letter there are randomly placed numbers. It is because it will be easier for the host to shout out the drawn out numbers and for the players to look in their cards.

Imagine this scenario. Assuming that our bingo card has a 5x5 table, and our players are old people or those who have problems with their eyesight, do you think that they would not have any hard time locating the number in their cards? It is good when the organizers will only use a small range of numbers such as from 1 to 40. What if they organize a 75- bingo game, wherein 75 numbers are to be called?

Therefore the letters B-I-N-G-O serve as a guide to help the players mark their numbers. For example, the drawn number is B4. It would be easier for the participants to locate the number because they will only look at the B-column.

Finally, the second lesson we could get from playing bingo is praying. Our winnings or losses will depend on the drawn out numbers, isn't it?