Bingo Caller Superstar

Bingo caller pertains to the person who calls out the numbers coming out. For an online bingo, the voice of a bingo caller is produced by a special software that generates the correct pre-recorded clip as soon as the numbers come out. A bingo caller software allows the voice to be chosen and there are a lot of sites that fits their voice caller to their theme. The voice of a bingo caller also vary depending on what kind of game. Like for example, in a US bingo, the site would use a voice with American accent. The same goes for UK bingo that makes use of a British accent and other slang. The unique software gives the whole game the feeling of being inside a land based bingo hall.

An average bingo caller must be able to speak really fast which is about 23 numbers in one minute. A lot of bingo callers use a special bingo language in a land based bingo game. These terms adds more fun and excitement to the game. Like for example the term "lucky legs" pertains for the number 11, "Kelly eye" for 1, "clickety click" for 66, and "Christmas cake" for 38. The callers must call out the term together with its number counterpart,since some players are not familiar with the term. If the bingo caller does not call out the actual number, players may be confused and they might claim a different number or they may think their number wasn't called out. For online bingo, these terms are not widely used, but, there are some bingo caller software that make use of this lingo.

In a land based casino, it is the job of the bingo caller to verify a winning card. It takes about 30 seconds to verify a winning card. It is also the job of the bingo caller to keep the game going. This is done by speaking fluently and quickly to keep the game alive.

It is such a rewarding experience to become a bingo caller. In some countries, like in UK they do have a competition for the best caller. Bingo callers can have the chance to win great prizes and even get the opportunity of being able to call out numbers in Las Vegas casinos. Most of these callers are bingo players themselves that is why they have wide understanding about the game. If is fun being a bingo caller. Needless to say, they are the stars in a bingo hall.